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About Us

For 28 years JAB Jewellers has been handcrafting jewellery in Geelong. We have embraced the new technology that has taken the jewellery world by storm. We believe the computer designs using CAD software and CAM technology (3D printing, milling, lasers etc...) as simply another tool in creating jewellery. We have one of the best equipped workshops in the area. We will continue to stay at the forefront of new and exciting trends. All the new tools allow us, as skilled craftsmen and artisans to create highly detailed jewellery with the precision and accuracy that cannot be achieved by hand, yet never losing the creativity that inspires us to create unique pieces. We have a team of creative, talented jewellers and designers that use the most state of the art software, modern technology for old world craftsmanship to assist YOU in creating the perfect piece to last a lifetime.For any of your jewellery needs, please feel welcome to contact us.